Football Tricks

In our videos you see many football tricks from top players. To learn these tricks it takes a lot of practice and skills. While some think being able to making these moves is mainly talent, almost everyone can learn most football tricks with a lot practice.

Responsible for the fundamental of this theory  was Dutch football trainer Wiel Coerver in the 1970’s. By analyzing the moves of top players and breaking them down Coerver teached new tricks to his pupils. His videos  are still used today by trainers all over the world to teach football moves.

Of course it is too much to go over all football tricks on this page. As a Panna Freestyle site we focus on Freestyle tricks of which we made a nice selection below.

Freestyle Football Tricks

* Lowerbody/Air Moves – This is the most popular with the new generation of freestylers. The ball is kept aloft using mainly the feet and legs.
* Upperbody – This style is very popular in Japan. Most tricks are done with the head , chest and shoulders.
* Sitting – This style has become well known. All tricks are executed while sitting on the floor with your legs in the air, and the inability to move after the ball greatly increases the difficulty of any trick performed.
* Groundmoves – These are normal football moves , but then executed without an opponent. Skillful players can make the performance of groundmoves seem like a choreographed dance.

Within the above disciplines, the following individual moves are among the most popular:

* One well-known move is known as the “Maradona 7″, in which the player must play the ball with the right foot, then the left foot, then the right thigh, then the left thigh, then the right shoulder, then the left shoulder, and finally the head.
* “Around the World” (ATW) is also popular; in this move, the player plays the ball off of one foot, and that foot then circles up and over the ball before before returning underneath to play the ball again.
* “Crossover” is one of the basic tricks. This move requires the player to kick the ball into the air by his trail leg, while the other leg goes around the ball.
* “Hop the World” (HTW) is a famous move performed by pro footballers and freestylers all around the world. Kick the ball up with one foot, and circle the other around the ball.
* “Touzani around the World” (TATW) is a favorite of most, It is a variation of an outside ATW and a crossover.
* “Mitchy around the World” (MATW) is also a favorite. The same as TAWT except with an inside ATW.
* “Alternative Mitchy around the World” (AMATW) is a variation of a HTW and a crossover.
* “Lemmens Around the World” (LATW) is a double ATW (you circle your foot twice around the ball in the air without a middle touch between the two revolutions).
* “Palle Around the World”(PATW) is a triple ATW (you circle your foot three times around the ball in the air without a middle touch between the three revolutions).
* “Stall” moves involve catching the ball in a stationary position. Many freestylers are able to catch the ball on their foreheads, the backs of their necks, or wedged between their heel and the back of their thigh.
* “Combos” are where one trick is connected to another without juggling the ball. For example (lower combos) :

1. Simple combo : ATW – crossover; ATW – ATW; ATW-cross-ATW; ATW – HTW; HTW-ATW; crossover- ATW.
2. Intermediate combo : ATW – ATW – cross – HTW – ATW; toebounce (TB) – ATW – ATW – HTW – TATW.
3. Pro combo : ATW – ATW – HTW – HTW – ATW – TATW – TATW – {TATW – ATATW (no touch)}- LATW – ATW – ALATW.

Combos were introduced in early 2000-2002 and are popular in freestyle football.

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